About NK woodworking & design 

I am Nathie Katzoff and I live and breathe art, design, sawdust and creativity.  It is my passion.

I started NK Woodworking & Design in Seattle, WA with the intent to create spectacular staircases, furniture, and other architectural designs that are works of art, the likes of which few have ever seen. The result: In 2014 we swept 4 out of 5 Best Staircase awards from the Stairway Manufacturers’ Association, the organization of the leading stair builders in North America. In years 2015, 2016, 2017,  and 2018  we were honored again with multiple awards from the same organization. No other company ever won so many of these awards.

Our clients tell us that when people walk into their homes and see our work, the reaction is “Wow!” That’s what I strive for – to stop people in their tracks, to create architectural art masterpieces where the beauty and shape of the work lifts our spirits and inspires a sense of awe. 

 Nathie Katzoff, Designer/Founder

Nathie Katzoff, Designer/Founder


A century ago craftsmanship was highly valued. Master woodworkers built staircases that were the centerpiece of homes, crafted furniture that were works of art, and used time-honored joinery techniques to hand shape the wood. But over time our society has become a throwaway culture where stairs are put together like Legos out of cheap stock parts from China and furniture is mass-produced and not expected to last.

The intention of NKW is to do the exact opposite. We are a team of passionate woodworkers and craftsman, all pulling together to create truly spectacular work. We create functional art that will last generations.

Members of: Washington Master Builders Association, Northwest Society of Interior Design, Stairway Manufactures Association.