Thank you for this awesome article on NK Woodworking & Design, featuring the story of our Lotus Bath Collection and how it came about!

Thank you for this awesome article on NK Woodworking & Design, featuring the story of our Lotus Bath Collection and how it came about!

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Bathing In Luxury

Artist and designer Nathie Katzoff has done the seemingly impossible with exotic wood, taking his experience in wooden boat-making to bath-making, creating exotic wooden tubs that make a statement.

Lotus Bath Collection is Now Available in Chosen Retail Locations!

At NK Woodworking & Design we are excited to announce that our Lotus Bath Collection is now available at chosen retail locations across the US. This will give you the opportunity to experience a bathtub first hand, and talk with an experienced bathroom designer as you plan your dream bathing space! Below is a list of locations:

Snyder Diamond 1399 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90404

Bridger Kitchens 7540 Pioneer Way, Bozeman, MT 59718

Coming soon:

Blackman Plumbing’s West Palm Beach, Southampton and Manhattan locations!

Contemporary Stair Designs by NK Woodworking & Design


The Music Stair & Modern Melody Stair

Two beautiful feature pieces by Nathie Katzoff of NK Woodworking & Design. They are both perfectly designed to fit into their prospective homes!

The Music Stair is a combination of Sapele (Mahogany) and Brushed Stainless Steel with hidden joinery, inlays, and a complex rail design expressing our team’s talent to fabricate minimalist expressions.


The Modern Melody expresses traditional wood joinery, a combination of Walnut and White Oak. It’s sweeping curve is a nice accent to this open platform, modern home.

Craning in a Modern Curved Staircase

Have you ever wondered how a shop built staircase is brought into its new home? Depending on the design of the space and the stair itself, there are many approaches - to include site assembly, carrying the stair into the residence in a few pieces and joined together, or a fully assembled drop in through the roof. The latter is definitely the most dramatic and exciting! We are thrilled to share this video of a recent stair installation that took place in California, filmed by KAA Design, the project architects. The installation was planned thoroughly in advance by our skilled technical team and in collaboration with the contractor on the project, Shawn Nelson Builders. We are so pleased with the entire process and grateful to KAA Design for putting together this cool video! Watch and enjoy!

NK Woodworking Building Stairs in the Shop

Nk Woodworking & Design - shop building custom stairs in action!

White Oak and Walnut Curved Stair Design that integrates traditional joinery into the design.

Making of amazing stairs....

At NK Woodworking & Design we have the thrill of participating in exciting, sculptural staircases throughout the nation. Just recently we packed up and shipped a large circular stair across the country and began installation. Even in the packing of stair stringers and early installation the geometric curves and sculptural details hold an artistic appeal that is picture-worthy.

This is a sneak-peek of a monumental stair design that is the result of collaboration in design, planning and implementation between our lead designer, our awesome team of craftsmen and the project architect and contractor. Stay tuned for more pics!

Nathie Katzoff is honored by Woodworking Network's 40 under 40!

Founder of NK Woodworking & Design, Nathie Katzoff, was honored this past July by Woodworking Network in the 2016 Wood Industry 40 Under 40 Awards. This is an achievement worth celebrating! He is a driving force in the industry, melding creativity and artistic vision with craftsmanship and function. He has won multiple awards for his unique stair designs since 2013 and continues to create one-of-a-kind designs that push boundaries in the industry. 

Stay tuned for more cool creations to come from NKW in 2017! And thank you Woodworking Network for taking notice!

NK Woodworking & Design's Sculpted Architectural Art

A hand-sculpted wall art piece by NK Woodworking & Design.

NK Woodworking & Design's Exterior Remodel to this Lovely Lakefront Home

NK Woodworking, under Nathie's creative eye, reinvented the look and feel of this lakefront home. The elegance, use of materials, and creativity of this piece of Architectural Art make it a joy to come home to every day. We so enjoyed working with the home-owners and at this lovely location!


Custom Exterior Remodel Design by Nathie Katzoff:  Entryway Door and Awning in Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Sapele with Forged Copper Details; Handcrafted Trim on all Windows & Fascia Details in Alaskan Yellow Cedar & Sapele; Custom Garage Doors in Sapele, Cherry, Art Glass & Forged Copper

Beauty Comes in Many Textures, Shapes & Colors by NK Woodworking & Design

On any one project coming out of NK Woodworking & Design you may see a multitude of textures, colors and materials. Such as forged steel, copper and bronze; custom art glass; or domestic and exotic hardwoods - all with emphasis on the beauty of the natural grain or texture of the material.  This cut-out below is part of an exterior remodel project we designed and fabricated for a residence on Ames Lake, WA. that includes hand formed art glass, forged and patinaed copper, and various hardwoods (Walnut, Sapele & Cherry).

Nouveau Design meets NK Woodworking - Sneak Peek!

Sneak peek at this lovely walnut and forged steel nouveau-inspired stair design just days from completion (click images for closer look) ....

"New Traditions" Stair Design

A Modern take on a Classical Stair Design by Nathie Katzoff and the team at NK Woodworking. This project was a staircase remodel, consisting of blackened Bronze, Figured Maple, Black Walnut and Sapele treads. Nathie brought his creative flair to the box tread and newel post that makes this a truly sculptural stair. 

The Beauty of Nature Expressed in this Newly Completed Stair by NK Woodworking

This organic, art deco stair design by Nathie Katzoff of NK Woodworking incorporates Curly Maple, Black Walnut and Sapele Mahogany hardwoods with forged steel balustrade and detailing. This stair design is truly functional art, as well as a perfect fit with both the overall look and feel of the home and the surrounding environment. Every detail in this stair and rail design was considered: From choosing wood materials for beauty of its grain and color to the joinery and interactions between parts. We truly enjoyed creating this lovely piece of art!

Location: Suncadia, Cascade Mountains, Washington

Shape and Texture in the Shop at NK Woodworking

When walking though the shop at NK Woodworking & Design you will be a witness to masterful craftsmanship working on artistic creations that are sculptural in form. The shapes and grains of finished pieces are silkily soft to the touch, with the most beautiful lines and patterns to gaze upon.

Twisted Railing - Magic!

Sapele Mahogany twisted rail design - custom carving in action! This piece is part of a much larger exterior railing that will incorporate Sapale, Yellow Cedar and Bronze.