Personalized Design

At NK Woodworking we offer an engaged design process to achieve a unique piece of functional art that speaks to you - the home owner. We create centerpieces for the home - be it a stand-alone piece of furniture, a bathtub, or a grand staircase. All of our work reflects our creativity, and our passion for design and beauty. Each piece is designed to last for generations, using quality materials and construction and a design approach that is timeless. 


The new generation of art in stairs.

Rooted in centuries-old stair-building technique, our staircase designs incorporate the best of the past with an inspired and fresh vision of what's possible today.


One-of-a-kind, hand sketched.

Our approach to stair design is not to select pre-made parts and materials, but to create a singular work of art. Blank paper and ink. Every time.


More than just talk.

We have been recognized nationally by our peers as exceptional for stair design and master craftsmanship. 

- 2013, 2014 & 2015 Stairway Manufacturers Association Staircraft Awards

- 2015 Seattle Design Competition Award

- 2015 REX Awards