We design and build curved stairs, circular stairs, spiral stairs & more

Architects hire us as their stair specialist. Bring us into your project early and we'll design a staircase to complement your vision, or work with you to refine your design and make it buildable. Because we estimate and think about construction while developing concept, we can maximize what's possible. 

We build our own award-winning stair designs and/or fabricate staircases designed by other professionals, working with a variety of materials. Our custom stairs and railings are made from metal, glass, stone, and wood. 


Stair Design Services:

Allow us to assist you in your project by designing the staircase for you.  We know the limits and possibilities and will help you develop a build-able and amazing design. 


Worldwide installations.

Built in Seattle, we use a unique shop-built system that allows us to plan, assemble, and work through the engineering needs of the stair in our shop. We then prepare the stair for shipment, ready to install. We can install anywhere in the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska, or Canada, and many locations throughout the globe.


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Stairway Manufacturers Staircraft Awards 

Unprecedented recognition for our design and craftsmanship