wooden bathtub designs by nk:

A modern approach to luxury wood baths:    At NK, we have developed a unique, maintenance-free wooden bath. These art pieces
are completely stabilized, waterproof and smooth to the touch. They are not affected by extreme humidity, dryness, or common liquid cleaning products and are designed for daily use.    You can buy them direct from us and select gallery's and showrooms in the US.

SCULPTURE & FUNCTION: We handcraft our wood bathtubs from distinctive sustainable domestic and exotic hardwoods in our Seattle studio.  Each is then finished with our specialized finish system that has unmatched durability and longevity. 

These wood bathtubs offer you the luxury of fine art furniture as the centerpiece of your bathroom and a luxurious soak. From our studio in Seattle, Washington, we can ship our custom wood bathtubs anywhere in the world.

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